Area Of Practice


The firm’s international arbitration lawyers represent private and public corporations as well as government bodies, as a mediator resolving matters globally.  We have conducted proceedings in many jurisdictions and under all of the major international arbitration rules, and are accustomed to addressing choice of law, choice of jurisdiction, comparative law, and cross-cultural issues. We have been succeeding at the highest levels in transnational, multi-jurisdictional disputes requiring a coordinated strategy and the application of multiple laws.

Business law

The foundation and fundamental values of Levy Konigsberg Law Firm are based on a firm belief in building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. We understand that your business needs are unique to you and will change throughout transactions. We provide legal advice to navigate you through all stages of your transaction and with the view of protecting your interests at all times.

Banking Law

Our firm has extensive banking knowledge and in depth experience regarding the banking sector.  International banking laws and compliance can be quite complicated especially when dealing with multiple jurisdictions. Our understanding of how banking works on the global stage will allow you to take advantage of the correct routes.

Corporate Law

Dealing with major corporations has become second nature to us, as many seek out our services when consolidating their global affairs. We have handled multi-million dollar transactions and also several multi-billion dollar ones also.   A true partner genuinely understands your business vision, digs deeper to create strategies that work, gets it done efficiently and never leaves you in the dark waiting for answers. This is the true value that we bring to the table.  

What we do?

Industrial law

For some companies, intellectual property can be their most valuable asset. The collection of goodwill, experience, know-how, innovative processes and brands they use for delivering new products and services to market.  Properly protecting this is vital for survival in the marketplace. In this high-stakes environment, companies must protect their original ideas to stay in business.  We work tirelessly to protect our clients’ intellectual property while responding to any threats. We craft protection and enforcement strategies that ensure our clients maximize the value of their critical intangible assets.